To my Friends and Fans -

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for all the e-mail and letters that you have sent.
So many of you have shared your personal feelings about my work and the film that I have done. I feel honored and privileged that my work has had such a positive effect on so many lives. I keep many of those e-mails and letters because they are so special.

My wife Susan and I run the website ourselves without outside help. We do read all the mail, and I dictate the answers and she types them. Everything is personally autographed by me, and we do all the packaging and shipping ourselves. Thankfully our business is growing but it also eliminates the possibility of answering all the e-mail, letters and enquiries, though we do read them all.

Consequently we have had to prioritize our time, energy, and responses to first things first; which is catching up with orders and getting them in the mail. We still welcome your e-mail and letters, but may not always be able to respond. Thank you for your understanding, your friendship and your business.

For those of you interested in what's new with the Walkers, we will keep you posted with news and photos, updating them from time to time.

New merchandise will also be added to the site regularly so check back often at the Official Clint Walker Website.

Best always ,
Clint & Susan Walker